Norwegian Association of Economists

The Norwegian Association of Economists (Samfunnsøkonomene) is a professional membership association organising people with a higher degree in economics (Masters degree or higher), as well as students of economics.

Samfunnsøkonomene dates back to 1908 when it was founded by students at the University of Oslo.  Samfunnsøkonomene is a collaborative network for economists discussing common issues related to the field. Furthermore, Samfunnsøkonomene is a professional association that seeks to further the field of economics, the interests of economists and provide information to the public on economic issues.

The association publishes an academic magazine, Samfunnsøkonomen, with nine annual issues. Samfunnsøkonomen is sent to all our members free of charge, and is also available for non-members as a subscription. Samfunnsøkonomene organises annual conferences and seminars on economic topics, incl. the Researchers’ Annual Meeting, the Monetary Policy Symposium and the Autumn Conference, in addition to breakfast seminars and events for students and companies/organisations looking to recruit economists.

Potential members of Samfunnsøkonomene include researchers and applied economists in business, government and public institutions, universities, research and teaching institutions, and other organisations.


The Norwegian Association of Economists is part of the Federation of Norwegian Professional Associations (Akademikerne), which is the primary Norwegian organisation dedicated to improving salary and working conditions for professionals with a higher education.


Anne-Sophie Redisch, Secretary General –
Nina Risåsen, Consultant –
Marianne Rustand, Project leader in charge of conferences/seminars and publications –
Marianne Kringlebotn, Chief negotiator –


Are you a student of economics at a Norwegian institution of higher education?
We have student representatives, and social and academic events at several universities. We currently have representatives at UiO, UiB, NMBU, UiT and NTNU. If you are interested in becoming a student representative or want to become involved with the programme at your local college / university, please contact Marianne Kringlebotn.


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